Scenes from Rota

June 14, 2007

It’s definitely a cultural experience here. You learn really quick about Machismo and Spanish chauvinism. Yesterday, we walked into town to get some groceries. One of the girls asked a guy about something in the market, so he turned to me to give the answer. In the US, that wouldn’t fly. You’d have some sort of law suit filed, but here, it’s the norm. Really crazy to see that.

(My roommate put it best when he said, “It’s amazing over here. In Spain, boys are better than girls.” He followed it up with, “I even bet you could pee on a girl and get away with it. R. Kelly would love it here.”)

It’s been a good first few days. Yesterday, we got a tour of the town, which is amazing. There is a lot of history here. I took a bunch of pictures for you all to see what it’s like here. It turns out that Columbus’ fleet set sail on the San Juan from Rota. Rota isn’t as famous as Cadiz, which is right across the gulf, but it’s still pretty well-known.

We took it easy last night after going out two nights in a row. It feels good to have 9 hours of sleep after only 4-5 hours/night. I’m definitely ready for the day ahead.

We went to breakfast this morning. I was expecting a mess hall with big tables and substandard food, but Rota delivered yet again. For $2, you get all you can eat buffet with made-to-order eggs, bacon, toast, French toast, oatmeal, cereal, fresh fruit and more. Fat kid heaven! It will be a treat every once in a while, but I got good ol’ Raisin Bran in the cabinet and just found out how to say Soy Milk, so I’ll be set most mornings.

Gotta go to work, but hope this post finds everyone doing well. Adios.



  1. que curioso, me aparece que tengas un Espanya llena de sol en vez de lluvia…That’s not fair, Rota looks freakin gorgeous man, hope ur enjoyin tapas and vino diariamente. Good call with the blog, i’ll be checkin it. the euge misses ya! que te pasas bien con todo, Ciao

  2. B.J.!

    hola! no hablo espanol – but will try to learn – great talking with u today – i have printed out and will catch up – love the blog and most importantly love you!


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