Week 1 is DONE

June 23, 2007

It has been a long week. Being a camp counselor takes a hell of a lot out of you. The kids are great, but there are so many to take care of and keep in line that it gets to be wicked tiring. I was put with 8-11 year olds. It’s such a great group. The kids get along for the most part, and they are enjoying me as a counselor.

We went to the Zoologico Botanico in Jerez de la Frontera (about 45 minutes away) on Wednesday. It was an all day field trip, meaning 8 hours of being there. Funny thing is you could walk through the whole entire zoo in 20 minutes. Imagine entertaining 15 8-11 year olds with frigging meercats. Yeah, they’re cool animals, but I was racking my brain trying to find a way to keep the kids interested.

We did get to see the elephant. There was only one, but it put on a great show. First it came right up to us and started waving its trunk. After a little bit, it walked over to the building and started rubbing its back and butt on the wall. Before you know it, it opened up the hatches (it was a female) and started going to town. I swear it dropped a good 3 gallons of urine and about 5-10 lbs. of mierda. It was great looking down the line and seeing all the kids in complete shock! (gotta turn your heads for this one!)

Fortunately, about 6 other animals felt the urge to go numbers 1 and/or 2, so that occupied another 45 minutes. In the end, I played games with the kids and made it through the day.

One of my kids had a great quote: “Mr. Flintstone, that elephant just made a poop. You know what the difference is between a poop and a fart. A poop is solid, but a fart is just air, so you don’t leave marks in your pants.” Kid’s a genius!

Well, we have a celebration in Rota tonight. It’s the Summer Solstice, so they named it after a saint, they burn a bunch of shit and people run naked into the ocean to wash away their sins. Good pictures are on their way.

See ya.


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