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Brotherly Love

March 24, 2008

In all the experiences I’ve been through in my life (from being a fat, lactose-intolerant little shit to almost being robbed by a French pimp in Madrid) I’ve always kept one thing in mind.

I have such an awesome family. In all honesty, I couldn’t be more glad to have my mom, dad and brother. Ultimately, my relationship with my brother, Dickie, has made me into what I am today (more or less, a perfect asshole).

From an early age, I could tell my brother really cared about my well-being. He was always focused on building my character. At the age of 5, whenever I was too loud or obnoxious and disturbed the peace, he would drag me outside and proceed to beat the everloving shit out of me in front of the other neighborhood kids. Thank God the Boystown van never drove by, or he woulda had some ‘splainin to do, Lucy.

Dickie took great joy in having a superspeedy metabolism compared to mine. One of his favorite past times was to heat up two boxes of microwavable french fries and take out a couple packs of Famous Amos Chocolate Chip cookies and gorge right in front of my face, as I sat crying and farting in a fit of envy/rage.

As I got older, Dickie discovered new ways to instill his values in me. Whether it was choking me to near death in front of my best friends or telling my parents that I was buying Spice Channel movies on the television at the age of 9, he really looked out for my wellbeing.

All in all, those loving moments with Dickie led to the El Cappytan that writes for you today. So I guess there is a plus side to having a complete asswipe for a brother. Thanks, bud.


Mi Familia Espanola

September 1, 2007

I’ve been to so many great places in the past 3 months, and I’ve seen some amazing sites. When it comes down to it all, though, I think the best place I’ve been so far is Alicante. I love the beaches, the palm trees, the lack of urine smell (found mainly in Rota) and the people.

We have family friends here that my dad hasn’t seen in almost 12 years. Still, they invited me into their homes, stopped what they were doing (they all own their own businesses), and have been showing me a great time here. Already, we’ve been to the beach, their personal pool and we toured the city’s beautiful 9th century castle (all in 1 day).

Not to mention, they have 3 of the best kids I’ve ever met. Javier is 4 years old and a handful, but he’s wicked funny and reminds me of myself when I was little. Danya is 6 and an amazingly cute and polite girl. Jorge is 9 and extremely polite, and we teach eachother words in our own languages. (Pretty sad, but at least I know that I have the language competency of a Spanish 9-year old.)

For a while, I was debating between studying abroad in Spain and South America. Now, I have made the decision that if I study anywhere in Spain, I want it to be in Alicante or Elche (a town just north of here.) Either way, I’ll be close to this beautiful city and my Spanish “family” that have done so much for me already.