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Officially Checked Out

April 16, 2008

I think the most difficult thing for me right now is to be in classes. I know that I’m moving in 4 weeks, and I have tons of other things to think about. I have to sell off all my stuff, ensure my moving plans are in tact and still drive my ass 3,000 miles to Boston.

I sound like an asshole every time I tell someone I conferred my degree last Spring. I’m just taking these classes because they are interesting, and they keep my mind fresh. The difficulty comes into play with grades: I’ve always been an “A” student. I tell myself I can settle for a “B,” but even when I get an “A-” I am extremely hard on myself.

Now, I’m in a position where I will be moving soon and cutting my classes short. Thusly, the grades don’t matter. I put this hypothesis to the test and only studied a good 5 minutes for my accounting quiz, and I’m pretty sure I still aced it. Maybe this checked out approach will tell me something about myself.

I’ll justify my scholastic apathy in the name of science. Move over Edison…


If Assholes Could Fly…

April 3, 2008

It really chaps my ass when people don’t follow through on certain things. For instance, I’ve been planning to have an advertisement for my art gallery (Studio AMH Fine Art Gallery) showcased in the University’s alumni e-newsletter. It has been in the works for months, supposedly headed toward the mailbox of over 56,000 alumni. Instead, they send out the April newsletter with blurbs about beach trips, basketball players and fondue.

It’s extremely unprofessional, and I have to say the Alumni Association just lost at least 1 future member. If assholes could fly, this place would be an airport.